The Services That We Offer Our Referring Physicians.

We are dedicated to providing reliable assistance to physicians who turn to us for help and for their patients with sleep-related illnesses.
You can easily reach our Medical Director, Dr. Yong, to discuss either individual patients or our diagnostic/ treatment approaches, by calling our practice directly at (818) 789-0203.

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A letter from Dr. Yong summarizing what needs to be done to ensure quality sleep medicine care

Literature to give to your patients who may suffer from sleep-related illnesses

A Sampling of the Many Implications of Sleep and Its Disorders for Medical Specialists

What sets us apart from the other sleep centers?


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Dear Colleague:
We both share a common goal of helping Sleep Apnea patients and the sleep medicine community as a whole. I for one have spent the past decade advocating for the sleep community and a variety of sleep issues both locally and nationally.

It appears that the time for sleep has come. This exciting new field has achieved tremendous advances that can help patients and save lives.   At the same time, it has developed what I personally view as serious quality problems. 

Sleep centers are springing up everywhere, but a number of them give poor care and may leave your patients without effective treatment, to both your and their potential detriment.
I believe that it is crucial that patients receive proper care the first time.  Why?  Sleep apnea appears more prevalent than either diabetes or asthma in men over 40, it afflicts far more women and children than previously recognized, and it can kill its victims--usually gradually, with heart attacks, heart failure and strokes. 

If your patients seek help at a nearby sleep center for convenience and are left untreated, many will give up and no longer seek help.  Also, their insurance benefits may be exhausted. 
I am committed to ensuring that your patients can receive the skilled help that they need.  We can provide your patients with screening, informational and referral materials for use by your practice. And I am readily available to discuss our approach to sleep medicine and individual cases with you.

If you or your patients have any questions or would like additional information about sleep medicine, please call my office at (818)789-0203 Detailed information is also available at


Dr. Marjorie Yong

For Medical Specialists

A Sampling of the Many Implications of Sleep and Its Disorders for Medical Specialists:


  • Allergic rhinitis has been linked to increased daytime sleepiness even without indications of sleep-related breathing disorders.
  • Allergic rhinitis has been associated with increased difficulty falling asleep and maintaining sleep.
  • Allergic rhinitis can increase arousals with secondary bruxism and aggravation of TM joint complaints.
  • Allergic rhinitis aggravates sleep apnea and can render use of positive airway pressure more difficult.

Bariatric Surgeons:
While the prevalence of sleep apnea is extremely high in patients undergoing bariatric surgery, many of these patients lack any history of sleepiness or significant snoring, even if their sleep apnea is severe.

Sleep apnea has been associated with:

  • accelerated coronary atherogenesis.
  • precipitation of myocardial infarction.
  • malignant cardiac dysrhythmias.
  • systemic hypertension.

What sets us apart from the other sleep centers?


  • Our medical director has over a decade of experience in the treatment of sleep disorders
  • We ensure superior staffing and individualized care
  • We possess extensive diagnostic capabilities
  • We offer advanced treatment capabilities
  • We expedite our patients' evaluations and institution of treatments
  • We don't sell treatments. We prescribe only what appears best for our patients
  • We provide long-term support to ensure that our patients both get and stay well

Sleep apnea is by far the most common and most dangerous sleep disorder assessed at nearly all sleep centers. Untreated sleep apnea, if severe, causes such catastrophic complications as heart attack, heart failure and stroke. The leading treatment for sleep apnea is positive airway pressure (CPAP and its variants).

The stakes are too high to leave serious sleep disorders untreated!

Our Wellness Center is dedicated to helping patients arrive at meaningful, ongoing solutions for their sleep difficulties.

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